Monday, October 15, 2012

Milestone Monday

Hello! I've decided that on Mondays (solely because it's the only day of the week starting in M, and I'm a sucker for alliteration) I'm going to start sharing some of our babies' milestones from the previous week. Some of you that read this blog do it because you are longing to see pictures of the babies that you've met and love. I'm happy to oblige!
For the rest of you, this is a bit of a glimpse into my week. A big part of my job here is working with our babies and their development, figuring out with the aunties where each baby is and what we really need to work on most with each of them. Here's a little of the progress we've been making. 
Twins Maya and Marissa are now sitting alone without toppling over backwards, thanks to Harding students Petra and Aubrey and auntie Melody.

Louisa gave us her first smiles this week.

Mercy started crawling (some might choose to call it scooting, but I would not!).
Leah started walking as her primary mode of transportation. It's slow and shaky, but we're getting there.
Angel is sitting alone-- such a big boy (ignore the Mommy's little girl onesie...).

That is Busiku with a fully opened hand! This is a huge step for her. You can see that her right one is still curled up, but the left one is really relaxing.
And sweet Jason. If any of you have been around since the first time I lived in Zambia, you'll remember that Jason was one of my original eight babies I worked with when I moved here in 2006. He is precious to me. If you are a Brentwood friend, you'll remember him because he's one of David and Linda Gregersen's special guys. He's seven now, in grade 1, and reading like a champ. Quite a milestone!
Thanks for sharing in our excitement as our babies grow and achieve new things all the time.

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