Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catching Up

First things first. This is probably my favorite picture ever taken of Aumbi. Christa sent it to me when she was still in the hospital in Lusaka before leaving for India. I think she looks angelic, as she was. We buried her this afternoon in a sweet, little, white coffin. And we’ll keep loving her and missing her and fighting for others like her.

We’ve had three babies go home in the last week, as well. First, Louise went home with her uncle and aunt. They already have two daughters, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, so Louise will fit perfectly in their family of little girls. The girls loved Louise, as everyone does, and they even brought her matching hair clips to pledge their sisterhood and unity. It was sweet to watch a family dote over this new little lady they are getting the chance to love.


Twapegwa went home a couple of days later with her grandmother, who also couldn’t wait to be reunited with her. Her name means “we were given” in Tonga, and I love it so much. It’s a perfect way to describe her—she's a gift God gave the whole world.

And a day after she left, William went home with his aunt. It's like they wouldn't stop coming :) ! We need breaks between them walking away with pieces of our hearts!


I wish I could tell you all the little things these three did that made them special, that made them unique, that made each of them not just another of our many children, but a cherished individual we dearly miss. You should have been able to hear Weesie’s soft, barely audible voice singing with the shiest smile. We’ve never, ever, ever had a child as chill and cool as Twape was. She just could not be rattled, and her calm nature made you want to give the child anything she asked for, anytime of the day. And Wiwi, he just could melt your heart with his pint-sized body and his smile that took over his whole face. Oh, and he eats like a grown man but still cuddles like a little, bitty baby, which is an irresistible combination. We miss them so much.

And since we missed Monday’s Milestones, I’ll throw in a couple just for fun. Here are the two Emmanuels that we currently have, both sitting up! Now, Emmanuel the twin is in a bumbo, but to his credit, he doesn't have to be. And Emmanuel the Great (named for age and comparative size, not to put him on a pedestal or to mock the size of his head or anything) is also saying "hello" while sitting, which is pretty great.


And Emmanuel the twin's twin, Joy, is also sitting like a champ now. You'll have to excuse her attitude-- she's really quite cooperative most the time.

I hope you are all having a good week. Hold your babies tighter tonight. You're so blessed to have each other.


  1. So glad to have a little update on Emmanuel the Great! I pray for him often...especially on my way to and from Ben and Courtney's house. There is an advertisement for "Emmanuel Tabernacle"--and I know it was placed there to remind me to pray for the "Big" man! Miss very much.

  2. AWww. So many sweet sweet babies. I'll be praying for them all.

  3. What a blessing you are in the lives of these children and what blessings they are to you. I know our God is alive when I read stories like yours.