Monday, October 1, 2012


I wanted to give you guys a quick update on Aumbi. Lord willing, she will be in India by the end of the week having further evaluation and probably surgery to repair the holes in her heart. She now has a passport and is awaiting an Indian visa. She’s had a rough week with fever and infection, most likely from the long stay in the hospital, but she has stabilized as much as she can with her current condition. Please pray with us that the fever and infection will completely clear to allow her to fly and be operated on as soon as possible.

Aumbi is loved by so many. It would be hard for you to meet her and not be overwhelmed by how God made such an innocent, loving little girl. An American doctor and her family who stay in town fell in love with Aumbi upon meeting her. They partner with us by coming out most weeks to check the babies and treat any sick children, and she helped us greatly in diagnosing and treating Aumbi’s medical needs. After watching Aumbi fight to live, they felt strongly as a family that they wanted to foster her and provide for all her needs. With a child as special as Aumbi, the one-on-one attention and medical care they will be able to provide for her during and after her operation will be such a blessing. With her own family unable to provide the support she needs right now, we are grateful God provided a foster family to fight for and love Aumbi. With God's help, they have made so much happen in a week's time to try to get her the operation she desperately needs.

Aumbi is currently in the hospital in Lusaka with her foster family, trying to get ready for the journey ahead. I received this picture from them a few nights ago—she’s smiley and ready for a well heart!

Pray for Aumbi to be well enough to travel. Pray for her foster family as they make arrangements for the trip to India. Pray for her family as they face the unknown and fear of their baby being sick. Pray for the doctors who will see Aumbi and make decisions regarding her heart. Pray for all of us who love her so much, that we’ll hold unwaveringly to our faith in God and not give into our fears.
Aumbi's name in Tonga is the equivilant of "again". Usually it is given when there have been multiple children in the family before this one, and then another one comes again. We like to think of it as Aumbi's life keeps showing us God's goodness and power again and again . Thank you for praying with us!

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  1. Oh Meagan! Thank you so much for this update! I have been following her story through the Murphy's, but I did not know that they will be fostering her! That makes my heart so happy to know that she will be getting that one on one care that she so desperately needs. I know that you would do it, but you have so many other sweet babies at the haven that need you love as well. I will continue to pray for my sweet babies! God bless you Meagan!