Monday, September 3, 2012


Helen has started to turn a corner! She started TB treatment at the end of last week, and you can tell she feels considerably better. She was even well enough today to be in a chitenge again, when the last few days it would really upset her breathing. We are so hopeful that she will live and thrive now, and we give God all the praise for saving her life.

It seems as soon as one little one gets better, we have a new one take her place (just to make sure I still have a job to do, I guess!). This time, we have two, Owen and Jenson. Owen is really struggling right now. His twin sister, Olivia, died about a month ago, and he is presenting with many of the same symptoms. Please pray that God will grant him long life, a life that can be lived abundantly and to praise Him.

Jenson could also use your prayers. We are afraid she may have meningitis, but it would be impossible to know without a spinal tap. Janice, the nurse practioner and professor for Harding, started her on medicines to treat for that, so we hope they will start working soon.

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the vehicle I have now, thanks to amazing, generous supporters like you! Sometimes I walk outside and am again shocked that I have a vehicle at my disposal. Today alone it was used to take Jenson to the clinic, it went to town to pick up all the supplies for the orphanage this week, and it took Owen into town to get a consult from a doctor. Living here for years without a car last time makes me incredibly appreciative of it this time.

Tomorrow I'll put it to good use again as we take Caleb and Paula to Zimba Mission Hospital for their legs to be casted. They both have club feet, so they wear plasters to help correct the turn in their feet and ankles.

Thanks for your love and prayers for me and sweet Helen. God is a great healer, and I'm so grateful He allows me to be a part of his process.


  1. Praise God for Helen's turnaround! I have been praying for that sweet little baby, and will continue to pray for Owen and Jenson and any other needs you present here on your blog. I found your blog through I Can Teach My Child! and just feel a burden on my heart to pray for the Namwianga Mission.

  2. I, too, found your blog through I Can Teach My Child, and I count it sheer blessing to "love' on your little ones through prayer. Wish I could hold them in my arms, but I'm grateful that HEAVEN'S ARMS hold you all. My 8 year old daughter Hannah prays diligently for your babies- often through tears. God has given her an incredible love for orphans even at her young age. Time will tell how He wants to use that sensitive heart of hers. Praying for you and your sweet ones!

  3. Kelsey sent me the link for your blog and I have enjoyed reading it so far. Thanks so much for keeping us updated on your work, and you and the precious babies are in our prayers. Say Hi to Kathi and Roy for me!
    Love and Prayers, Elaine (Kelsey's mom)