Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aumbi Update

After a long couple of days in Lusaka, we are back at Namwianga. Aumbi is still admitted in the University Teaching Hospital, currently in the PICU to stabilize her for transport back to us at Namwianga. Patience, one of our wonderful aunties, is with her now, and it’s fun to hear her excited reports of Aumbi’s improvement.

We were very encouraged by the pediatric cardiologist’s conclusions that Aumbi would make a great surgical candidate. Although it’s a lot easier said than done, we were at least thrilled that he saw value in her life and had such compassion on her and on us. Right now, she is not stable enough to fly anywhere to have the needed operations, but every day she is getting stronger, so we are simply taking one day at a time in our decision making process.

We were unable to search for a school for Busiku this trip because Aumbi’s state was most pressing. Hopefully when we go pick Aumbi up, time will allow us to do that.

Jenson is still struggling in the hospital. When I arrived yesterday to check on her, she was struggling to breathe, which is a new symptom for her. She has finished the course of treatment for meningitis, but still shows few signs of improvement. Please continue praying for all three of these sweet girls.

I was so grateful for these three that traveled with us to Lusaka. Molly is a Harding Student, you know Louisa!, and Katie is one of the directors of the Harding group this year. Please don't look closely at this picture-- it had been a LONG trip, as evidenced by my crazy hair and general disheveled appearance!
Aumbi smiling at her rattle


  1. Thank you Thank you Thank you for this update! I have been checking several times a day since your last post for an update on my sweet girl! It's a bittersweet update. I hate that she was admitted and isn't able to go home or fly to have the surgery, but I am thrilled that she is a good candidate for the surgery! That is just great news. She looks great and it's good to see her with a good grip on that rattle (improvement from when I was there). Bless you Meagan for all that you do for these precious angels and of course you guys will remain in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. We call that hair 'wild dog' over here. Well done in rocking it!