Thursday, August 30, 2012


Helen made it through the night and was even strong enough to offer two smiles today, one of which I caught on camera. The sides of her precious hair had to be shaved to get an IV in, but if anyone can look good with that hair-do, it's her. She is still mainly taking tube feeds, but she did suck 2 oz. all on her own today. We're so grateful for your prayers for our sweet Helen. Please keep them coming!


  1. Praise God that Helen is responding to the care she is getting.

  2. Oh my sweet Helen! I am so glad that you are there to take care of each of those angels! Ashley Dowler passed along your blog address to my fellow HIZ-Path group, so you will be getting a bump in follows over the next few days. I pray for you and those babies daily, and will continue and follow your journey. Give my sweet Aumbi and Joel hugs and kisses from me!!

  3. I pray that Helen would become stronger every hour and keep the smiles coming! I pray that the Lord would strengthen you and all the aunties to keep up the good work. I pray for all children in your care that they would feel secure and loved and become strong and courageous!