Friday, July 6, 2012

The Same

It's my impression that when people picture children in third world countries, they picture dying, dirty, lifeless children. It makes sense with all of the pictures that are shown on television and the stories that come out of some of these places. And to be honest, there is some truth in that.

But it would be a shame for people to walk away assuming that is the only side of the story. Because while one side of life in Zambia is painful and tragic and difficult, the other side is equally beautiful and joyous and rich. Sometimes I think we focus a little too much on the painful side.

People are people wherever they live. People in America struggle with many of the same things Zambians struggle with daily. Money. Relationships. Parenting. Health. It's all relative, of course, but the heart of what makes us humans makes us more alike than we tend to think.

This is so easy to see when I look at our kids at the Havens. Really, they aren't much different than any other children.

See, our kids draw on walls when they're not supposed to (although it's with charcoal, not crayons...).
They spill food all over the floor when they eat.

They get into things they're not supposed to play with.



They get out of bed before you want them to and hop into bed with others you wish were still sleeping!

They play in the dirt after they've already had their baths.

And of course, they fight just like kids here in America do.

So, if you were ever to come visit us, you'd find kids much like yours-- precious, silly, ornery little ones who fill our lives with so much joy! God made all of us with so much more in common than we think we do.

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  1. I LOVE this post! The video is hilarious! :)