Monday, July 16, 2012


One of our goals is to feed our children a well-balanced diet so when they re-enter their home villages, they are starting off on the right foot nutritionally.

Our babies drink strictly formula (usually Lactogen, but we always have some babies on specialized formulas as well) until they are six months old. They continue getting bottles until they move into our toddler house, where they mainly only drink milk in their tea. As you can imagine, that means TONS of milk and TONS of bottle washing!


Porridge is introduced at six months, and they eat that twice a day until they are big enough to eat more solid food. They take porridge at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. In the mornings, there is always a vitamin crushed up on the top. Some kids go right for that because they love the taste-- others you have to mix it in really well so they forget it's there at all!

At their other porridge feeding, they don't get a vitamin but some sort of protein mixed in with it instead. Sometimes it's eggs, sometimes peanut butter, but always something good for them. They usually love porridge, but it makes quite the mess!


Once they graduate past "baby food", they start eating Zambia's staple food twice a day, still eating porridge for breakfast (no matter what your age!). Zambia's staple food is called nshima, and it's made out of ground up maize. It is taken twice a day with some sort of relish. Sometimes that is fish, chicken, mince meat, greens, potatoes, eggs, tomato and onion soup, beans, etc. We try to feed the babies one protein a day, and the other relish is usually just a soup or vegetable.

Nshima with kapenta (small fish)
When the kids are first learning to eat nshima, it is mashed up like in the picture above and eaten with a spoon.

In the village, however, kids are fed using the hand from the very beginning. To get our kids "village ready", we start teaching them how to eat with their hands once they've really mastered the spoon and are coordinated enough to use a hand. Here is Bright demonstrating how to roll nshima.

The toddlers also have tea time twice a day where they get a biscuit or fruit with tea.

God is so good to provide food for all our hungry little mouths!

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