Sunday, July 1, 2012


To make a ministry like the Havens work, it takes the hands of so many people. The most instrumental people in our babies' lives are the aunties, the ladies that care for the basic needs of our children. The Havens are a special place where each person has a particular role to play, and it really takes all of us working together to make the whole thing work.  

Aunties either work the day shift or the night shift, meaning they work either from 7 a.m.-5p.m. or 5 p.m. -7 a.m. While the aunties in the day have a shorter 10-hour shift, the babies are usually awake for more of their shift, so it's kind of a trade-off!

Each auntie has her own room she is responsible for, and she is specifically responsible for the bathing (3 times a day!), changing, and dressing of her babies, laundering their nappies (diapers), changing their sheets and blankets daily, preparing bottles for her babies, feeding her babies, and cleaning her room thoroughly. It's a busy, often exhausting day when you are doing that for so many kids!
Rejoyce at porridge time
Bina Lumba feeding
Bina Sebi organizing clothes

Bina Bombo washing the windows in her room
Bina Bombo changing Stella

Folding time!
There are also aunties who take care of the cooking and laundry, and still others who work on the grounds of the orphanage.

While the aunties care for the basic needs of the babies, they do so much more than that. They love them, they pray for them, and they invest in them. These women have hearts that want to love and serve, and it's my honor to work beside them as we try to do what's best for the babies. I have learned so much from them, and I am forever grateful for the way they've opened their hearts and homes to me. We're going to have a very sweet reunion in a few weeks!


  1. Meagan, I am SO GLAD you started this blog! I love getting to learn more about what you have done/will be doing for these precious babies! :) Love you, friend!!!

  2. Janae: Thank YOU for sharing on your blog!