Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where have you been Wednesday

Hello again dear friends of mine. Here's a little piece of what's been going on around here lately!

Sesa boy has been hard at work on his alphabet. He's mastered his upper and lower case alphabet!

Happy 4th birthday Ruby!
We've had the chance to see some of our kids back in the village lately, which is always so encouraging (and bittersweet!) to us!
Aaron is doing great and wanted NOTHING to do with us!
Maya and Marissa came for a visit with their grandmother!
Princess and Prince are full of spunk and smarts and also wanted NOTHING to do with us!
Shelley is starting school now, and she's happy as can be about it!
Watupa is the giggliest, dimpliest 3 month old ever.

In the ongoing saga that is Helen's hair, she now looks like a precious 70 year old woman. 
Florence is healthy and happy and healed, and we can't get enough of her sweetness.
We are still awaiting the results from Jonah's biopsy, but he's getting a little stronger every day in the meantime. Please keep praying with us for answers for him!
Priscilla spends all her time laughing, talking, and standing these days. She answers questions in class now with the right answers, and hearing her say, "God did!" is the sweetest sound imaginable. 
Mercy is back at the Haven now, but before she went, she'd spend hours helping Mati wash the dishes and other tasks. They're in love.
Binny's found his cheeky side. And we kind of love it.
Boyd turned 1! (and continues to gain weight by the hour...)
Our little lady Chabilo is moving all over town and never stops smiling. 
Chabonwa continues to explore and manipulate anything you put in his path. He's started running up for hugs and squeezes lately, which is progress for him.
Evelyn is pulling up and crawling all over the house. She's a total mess.
Fellow walks and runs! (so fast that he's blurry!)
Gilimo is crawling and pulling up, and has the best dimples around.
Joel picked out this nail polish all on his own and insisted on having both hands painted when I tried to stop at one. He communicated all of this, which is so fun!
Katie plays dress up!
Lulu is without a doubt the chubbiest child we've ever had here. It's unreal. We even have to medicate her in her fat rolls! :)
Ozzy is walking! (and drinking, the little multitask-er!)

I hope you all have a great day today! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Volleyball Tournament

Today we had a volleyball tournament for all of our staff at the Havens, which includes over 80 people. The Harding Speech Pathology group is here right now, and so they agreed to watch the babies for us while everyone came to the appreciation party for a couple of hours. Such a kind gesture! We had each of the houses play each other, and the winning team received a cake and some talk time. It was such a fun time of fellowship and relaxation!
I refereed most of the time. It brought me back to my volleyball coaching days!
Haven 3 Team

Haven 2 team

Haven 1 team

Eric's House and Alice's House team

Watching games until their match

Fun with friends

Winning team with their cake 

2nd place team with their cake

Warming up

Edinan mid set!

Even Mama played!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Field trip

When you live in a place as cool as Zambia, your field trips get to be to places like safari and one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls :). Thanks to the freshman class at OC, who did fundraisers all year to send money for something special for our kids and aunties, we were able to take all of our Haven 2 babies and aunties on this unforgettable day. It took a lot of planning and help, but it all went off without a single hitch. Every auntie and OC student had one baby for the whole day. The only job was to make sure our charges didn't get hurt by wild animals or fall into the Falls, and we accomplished that goal!

As soon as we arrived in Livingstone, got a quick snack, and took lots of little ones to the bathroom, it was time for our safari. It was neat for so many reasons, but especially because neither the aunties nor the babies had seen wild animals in person before. My tears started about a minute in when we spotted the first baboon up in a tree. They were SO excited, pointing and shouting and making monkey noises, and all those hours of language class and teaching about animals and their noises were worth it. It was just so cool.

Looking at a giraffe
Walking out to see the rhinos
Checking out the rhino (P.S. Have you ever seen such a large baby chitenged? Me neither, but we weren't chancing them going rogue on us!)
Abbie and me on the drive
Checking out the elephants (and checking out the pictures she was taking on her phone)
Rhino love
We had all ordered our lunch ahead of time, so we drove straight from the safari to lunch at ZigZags. They have a great little play place and bunnies and guinea pigs, so it was perfect for us. Lunch was great, on time, and fueled us for an afternoon of seeing the falls!
This time of year, you can't really "see" the falls. It's just one huge mist cloud because they are so full. We knew going into it that we would be soaked to the bone by the end, so we had changes of clothes ready for everyone.
First glimpse
From the top of the Zambezi
An attempt at a group shot 
The babies' reactions were all different, but the only one who couldn't make it all the way across was Reuben, which was surprising. For the most part, all the others just squealed with delight and shock.

After the falls, we all changed clothes and got the babies clean and ready for a sleepy trip home. Here are all of our sweet field trip goers!
Sesa boy
Ella (with her snacks ready!)
James (I seriously considered not taking him because he's such a loose cannon, and I could just picture the worst, but he did great!)
Joel saying "cheese"
Vigi (stealing drinks...)
It was just such a perfect day. The babies still ask me all the time when we're going to Libingi again to see water, rainbows, and animals :)/ We're so grateful for all the love from our friend at Oklahoma Christian!